Using our E-System machine and LN 6 EPX mixing head, Futaba can efficiently process recycled CFRP and improve productivity.

Promens Zlín

Our flexibility enabled us to provide a plant that perfectly fits Promens Zlín’s needs for SMC and other composites’ technologies.


MAP has recently focused on the agricultural machinery sector and boating, where the need to mechanically reinforce the external parts of agricultural machinery components has arisen.

Cannon solution for Innovative Recycling

Innovative Recycling

Through targeted tests carried out in our laboratory, and thanks to the support of our specialists, we have developed a tailor-made process precisely for recycled composite material sheets.

Jiangsu Xinquam product by Cannon plant

Jiangsu Xinquan

Since 2009, we have supplied Jiangsu Xinquan Automotive Trim with our high-performance dosing machines and mixing heads for polyurethane.